A civic-minded gentleman, E. Warren Denton, Jr. established the Denton Family Charitable Foundation in 1985 to provide opportunities for people to better themselves. His mission was to help them attain their highest potential in areas of spiritual, educational, social and economic life and to assist in their efforts to become independent, self sufficient and generally to improve the quality of their lives.

The Goals

The Foundation seeks to help support a wide variety of human needs, significantly in the Harrisonburg area, as this is where five generations of the Denton Family have resided.

The Intent

The Foundation concentrates on five major areas — community, education, church, athletics and the arts, particularly music. The Foundation also has a number of smaller programs which it intends to help as the founder, E. Warren Denton, Jr. believed in many ways that private programs are more effective than those of government.

The Foundation is nurtured by the many interests of Mr. Denton including family, church, community and his compassion for human needs. In addition to his wide range of interests, he donated time, energy, enthusiasm and leadership to the community throughout his long life. It is the ongoing intent of the Foundation to honor and continue his principals and goals.

Although the Denton Family Foundation is endowed by the generosity of E. Warren Denton, Jr., additional revenues are needed to continue to support its charitable programs. The Denton Family Foundation is a 501(c)3 private foundation. All donations to the Foundation are deductible as charitable contribution to the full extent of the law.